The Sinking of the Persephone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So what is The Sinking of the Persephone about?

The Sinking of the Persephone is an orignal LARP by Vile Pirate Productions. The setting is the Persephone, a luxury yacht sailing in the Caribbean in the year 1927. On board are the ships rich young owner, the crew, and small group of invited guests, including a famous author, a retired admiral, and a woman who talks to ghosts. Then there's a murder. And the ship sinks. What else happens is up to you!

Can I do other things besides the LARP?

Absolutely. This weekend-long LARP doesn't required constant attendance like tabletop games or day LARPs. You should expect to be involved to some extent for the entire length of the LARP, but you will have time to do other things at the convention.

Should I make up my own character to use for the LARP?

No. The characters in this LARP are created by the Game Masters. However, they are happy to take into consideration what style of character you prefer to play and assign them accordingly.

Can I find out about my character before the LARP begins?

Definitely! Send an e-mail to the Game Masters at and they will work with you to assign you a character that suits your interests, playstyle, and schedule. They will then send you a summary of your character background before the Con.

Do I need to bring anything with me? Like dice?

No, you don't need to bring anything. The Game Masters will provide you with a game packet including your charater information, game rules, pen and notepaper, nametag and a 6 sided die. If you like, you are welcome bring props or costumes to help you get into character. (These can also make you more memorable to the other players).

What game system are you using?

As with many one-shot LARPs, the gaming mechanics were developed specifically for this LARP. They're pretty simple, and if you want a preview, check out the LARP Instructions.

How much does it cost to play?

Nothing. While there is normally a small fee (to cover the cost of LARP supplies) the Game Masters decided to waive the fee for this LARP.

Should I expect a lot of combat in this LARP?

No. Combat is always a possibility, but is not the main focus of this LARP. Players will generally find that talking with each other, not attacking each other, is the best way to achieve their goals.

How much dice rolling will I do?

Probably not a lot. Most interactions with other players will not require dice rolls. Aside from combat, all dice rolling situations will be under the guidance of a Game Master.