The Sinking of the Persephone

LARP Rules and Instructions


Please wear your badge as an indicator that you are actively playing the LARP, and expect others to do the same. A player not wearing his/her badge should be considered "off-line".


Attack roll: Attack + weapon/attack modifiers (if any) + 1D6

Evade roll: Evade + evasion modifiers (if any) + 1D6

A player can make one Attack roll per combat round. Only one player may be targeted in each attack. In responding to an attack, a player may either make an attack roll of their own or try to evade.

A player can make one Evade roll per combat round. If there are multiple attackers being defended against, one Evade roll will be compared to all Attacks. A player may attack one opponent and evade others in the same round.

Attack vs. Attack

The higher Attack roll wins. The loser loses hit points equal to the difference between the two rolls. Nothing happens in the event of a tie.

Attack vs. Evade

If Evade roll is higher than the Attack roll, no damage is done, and the defender may disengage. If there are multiple attackers, the defender may only disengage if the Evade roll was higher than all the Attack rolls.

If the Attack roll is higher than the Evade roll, the defender loses hit points equal to the difference between the two rolls.

If rolls are equal, nothing happens.

Die Rolls

Roll 6 sided die. If the roll is a '6', reroll and add the result to your total. If the reroll is a 6, reroll again, etc.


You health is measured in Hit Points, which are represented by small round stickers on the back of your badge. One should be removed for every point of damage you receive. Loss of all your hit points results in unconsciousness. If you are knocked unconscious, see a Game Master for help.

The green sticker on the lower left corner of your badge indicates you are perfectly healthy. Remove it the first time you take hit point damage. The orange sticker on the lower right corner of your badge indicates you are conscious. If you are knocked unconscious, remove the orange sticker.


Some items have special attributes; these are listed on the back of the item cards.

Some items are easily noticeable when carried on one's person. These Items are marked "must be visible when on person", and when worn or carried, the Item Card should be attached to your LARP Badge or an appropriate prop.

You have a room assigned to you on the ship. You may choose to keep any of your possession in your room instead of on your person. There are envelopes in your packet labeled "In Room" and "On Person". Please keep all items in the appropriate envelope, unless the item is visibly on your person. You may also have as an item a bag of some sort which can be used to carry items. Items in the bag should be placed in the "In (Bag Type)" envelope, as specified on the bag's item card.

You may also choose to store items in the ship's safe. This is accomplished by giving the items to the ship's hostess, who will give you a receipt for the item. The hostess will then place the item in the safe (which is located in LARP Central).

LARP Central

LARP Central is the dedicated location where LARP staff will be on hand to assist you. The location for ConCarolinas is Game Room 3 (Tarheel). The LARP Central will tenatively be open according to the following schedule:

Friday: 6 pm to midnight
Saturday: 9 am to midnight
Sunday: 9am to 11am

LARP Hours

The LARP is always on, though constant play is not expected from any player. Please remember that not everyone at the Con is involved in the LARP. Do not LARP during panels or other Con events that may prove disruptive to others.


There is a mail file located in LARP Central. Be sure to check your mail periodically. Messages may be left for other players. Messages may be sent anonymously; and replies to anonymous messages can be delivered.


Routine items may be obtainable based on your Resources stat. Assume that food, clothing, and basic necessities are available to you. For any other items, consult a GameMaster. For reference, monetary values in 1886 are roughly 1/20th what they are today.