Vile Pirate Productions

Vile Pirate Productions is just three folks near Raleigh who spend a lot of time writing LARPs mostly for Technicon.

Rob ("The Vile One") is a long-time LARPer. In fact, he's the only member of the team who's ever played in a LARP.

Janet ("Jynx") is Rob's wife and provides the "that's just too complicated" perspective that keeps Rob in line.

Beth(ie) is the crazy friend who drives down from Wake Forest every week to write plots. She and Janet are big fans of Puzzle Pirates from which "Vile Pirate" emerged.

In 2004, Technicon didn't have a LARP and so the three of them decided to run one in 2005. Heart of Arcadia was a huge success (just read their press releases) but after a year of working on it, the team was ready for a break. That lasted until they'd been in the car about twenty minutes and somebody suggested a Victorian-themed LARP, and so was born, in 2006, The Flight of the Daedalus. On the way up to Technicon in 2006, the team developed the pitch for the 2007 LARP: Space Pirates (because, hey, what could go wrong?) By this time, they knew they were hooked.

And the rest is infamy.