Heart of Arcadia

Arcadia in Turmoil...Again

Panic Titania and Oberon are missing...for much longer than usual this time. But now at such an inopportune moment. It will be the hundredth Spring since Arcadia was last blessed by the Heart and the Great Houses and the Crowns. And without the Blessings, can Arcadia survive to see this Spring?

Intrigue Of course an Heir must be chosen, and now. We have all waited too long already. Have you a claim to the Crown? Or perhaps some...sway...within the Great Houses?

Mystery Who are these monks arriving to perform the Blessings? Do you know their secrets? Or do they perhaps know yours? And what of the strange happenings in Edgewylde? Have the Traitors broken their vows and returned? Would you hunt them down, or are you perhaps one in disguise?

And what, pray tell, are we ever going to do with The Puck?

These stories and more will unfold in the Live Action Role-Playing Game, The Heart of Arcadia at Marscon 16, January 20-22, 2006. Intrigued Fae and others should contact Rob or Janet Napier at jnapier@employees.org to find out more and to reserve a character.