Heart of Arcadia

These Here Well Answered Questions (THWAQ)

Questions about Changeling

Questions about LARP participation

So this is a Changeling LARP, right?

No, this is just a LARP.

But it's a World of Darkness LARP, right?

No, it's just a LARP.

Won't White Wolf get mad at you for using the words LARP and Arcadia?

Probably not, since both are much older than them. Yes, we're a bit touchy about this subject.

But I can use my Changling character, right?

THWAQ. OK, got to the punchline, so now we can stop picking on Mind's Eye (and maybe they'll forgive us for it all).

Now that we've talked the White Wolf thing to death, what system are you using?

As with many LARPs, the gaming mechanics were developed specifically for this LARP. Their pretty simple and you'll get full instructions when you sign in at the Con.

How much does it cost to play?

Nothing. Marscon has generously offered to cover the cost of the LARP.

What the schedule for the LARP?

The short answer is Friday night through Sunday afternoon. The whole Con. We'll try to get a more specific schedule up shortly.

Can I do other things besides the LARP?

Absolutely. LARPing isn't constant like tabletop role playing. You should expect to be involved to some extent for the entire length of the LARP, but there will generally be time to do other things at the LARP.

What should I do before the con if I want to LARP?

Write us at jnapier@employees.org! We'll send you more info. If you get to us now, you may even know your character before you get here.

Is this the same Heart of Arcadia that played at Technicon 22?

Yes, it is. So if you played at Technicon, you probably won't be able to play at Marcon. If you really want to play, write us and we'll see if we can work anything out.